Siaqodb release notes

Release notes:
-Fixes for Portal DLLs
-Added new Siaqodb Manager with Sync Framework Tools
Release notes:
-Released AzureTable.LiteClient
-Added Azure Storage Synchronization Documentation
-Added support for seamless Migrations
Release notes:
-Included SiaqodbFactory directly
-Added 'delete_nested' option to Delete() to allow the user to delete all nested objects when a parent object is deleted
-Added Name field to Transactions and BeginTransaction so that transactions can be named
-Added method DropAllTypes to reset the database and remove all data
-bug fixes
Release notes:
-Added Transaction support for SaveObjectPartially
-Added NETSTANDARD compatibility
-SiaqodbCloud remove WebAPI Client dependecy
Release notes:
-add netstandard support
-add linux native binaries
Release notes:
-SiaqodbManager 5.5 – CRUD operations for JSON documents, C# queries for documents within the buckets.
-Siaqodb:store extra metadata about buckets
-Add method: DocumentStore.DocumentStore.GetAllBuckets()

Release notes:
-improve SiaqodbManager, dbinfo,etc
-private parameterless ctor: storable objects may have now only a private parameterless constructor
-bugfix: range queries for numeric types indexes does not return all values
-bugfix: thread safe problem when BeginTransaction is called

Release notes:
-add in SiaqodbPortable the Autogrowth feature
-DocumentDB: Documet’s Tag – autoincrement
-upgrade Xamarin binaries to latest version
-upgrade Xamarin Tasky sample
-bug fixes

Release notes:
-brand new DocumentStore – now Siaqodb can be fully used as Document Oriented Database
-automatic growth for database, see SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthThresholdPercent and SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthSize
-SiaqodbCloud which lets you synchronize Siaqodb from client side with a server side NoSQL database like CouchDB or MongoDB
-run queries while a transaction is opened(using same transaction)
-bug fixing: automatic schema migration when objects were deleted
-bug fixing: LINQ unoptimized while orderby was used in certain way

Release notes:
-new property Siaqodb.DbInfo which expose info about size usage within database.
-new Siaqodb constructors to allow specify the size of db.
-new LazyLoad attribute: now a complex field/property can be decorated with Sqo.Attributes.LazyLoad and by default the field will not be loaded when parent object is loaded from db. Using Include(…) will load its value.
-new MonoMac assemblies
-SiaqodbManager for x86/x64
-bug fixing: FirstOrDefault()/SingleOrDefault() cause a crash of a further operation when db is empty.

Release notes:
-storage engine changed to LMDB
-extras compared with Beta:

  • Siaqodb v.4.X to Siaqodb 5.0 easy migration
  • SiaqodbManager upgraded
  • added support for ASYNC API
  • Nuget packages available
Release notes:
-storage engine changed to LMDB

Release notes:
-Read speed improvement for WindowsStore version
-improve Shrink.Total (rawdatainfo file)
-auto-repair mode on field value level, fix possible index corruption state
-fix clean-up instances on Close()

Release notes:
-Universal Apps support
-New SyncMobile assemblies for WindowsPhone 8.1 and Windows 8.1
-SiaqodbManager sort on columns
-SiaqodbManager database info
-Fix: StoreObjectPartially does not update index
-Fix: SiaqodbManager LINQ on encrypted db

Release notes:
-fixes of Beta
Release notes:
-PCL support and unify assemblies( no more sync/async assemblies, no more trial assemblies)
-Document database feature-plugable document serializer(ProtoBuf, BSON,MsgPack,etc)
-Nuget packages for all platforms
-Azure Mobile Services – synchronization with local Siaqodb database
-String methods in LINQ expressions: StartsWith,EndsWith,Contains are case sensitive; added extension method Contains to be able to compare case insensitive:SqoStringExtensions.Contains(…)
-internal improvements
Release notes:
-Performance problems solved, 50x faster now on Write operations
Release notes:
-full Async API across frameworks: WinRT, .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5, WindowsPhone 7.1, WindowsPhone 8.0, Silvelright 4, Silvelright 5, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android
-WinRT API changed and now has 100% compatible API with other platforms by providing Sync and Async API, see breaking changes
-List supports now Text attribute to store unlimited size of string elements.
-Big improvements on queries that require full scan of a db file by better buffering. Percent of chunk buffer can be adjusted by SiaqodbConfigurator.BufferingChunkPercent, default is 10%.
-Provide access to uncommitted instances of a transaction by Transaction’s class method: IList GetUnCommittedObjects().
-Better logging capabilities by set SiaqodbConfigurator.LoggingMethod property in combination with SiaqodbConfigurator.VerboseLevel (can be seen now when a query runs un-optimized).
-fix issues with IndexInfo name when change platform.
-fix issue with Index when Type definition is changed with an indexed field
-fix issue when an Automatic Property was declared as virtual in base class and override in derived class.
-fix issue on DeletedObjectEventArgs that returns always -1 as OID deleted.
-fix issue with Shrink (when first object is stored after Shrink ALL, space was occupied as before)
Release notes:
-OID property is not mandatory anymore for persistent Types, however if OID it is defined, it will be managed automatically by database engine.
-Shrink is extended and all db files can be shrink-ed(by using ShrinkType.Total)
-fix circular reference problem when Indexed field is same Type as DeclaringType.
-SyncFramework provider: improve speed, fix thread safe problems.
Release notes:
– WinRT version:thread-safe on async calls
– Fix compatibility issues between db files from Silverlight to/from other platforms
Release notes:
-Siaqodb for WinRT is ready, fully Async API
-Siaqodb for WindowsPhone 8.0 is ready
-Indexes resides now in BTree structured files(AVLtree not used anymore)
-Big improvements brought by new Indexes implementation
-New Sqo.SiaqodbUtil class: can be used to Shrink database and also to Repair data if exists corrupted bytes
-Internal changes for better management of space on disk
-LINQ provider supports “multiple Where”
-better information about exceptions