Siaqodb needs the size of database specified up front. By default the database size is 50 MB. If you want to test/work with a bigger database size, just set it in constructor, for example:

Siaqodb db = new Siaqodb(dbPath, 300 * 1024 * 1024);

This will open the db and set its size to 300 MB.

However if your database size is totally unpredictable, Siaqodb also offers an Autogrowth feature:

SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthThresholdPercent = 80;
SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthSize = 5 * 1024 * 1024;  // 5 MB

properties, should be used like this:

SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthThresholdPercent has default value of 80 which means that when the database space used is more than 80% of the file size, when you will open the database, it will automatically re-size to currentFileSize + SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthSize

SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthSize is in bytes and the default value is 5 MB

Note that you will have to Close() the database and re-open it to have the database readjust the size - in many cases this will happen naturally as your applications are used. However if you have a continious running application and cannot calculate the sizes to deal with, then you can manage true automatic growth by checking what is the actual used size and if, for example, exceed 80%, you can close and reopen the database, for example:

private bool ShouldIncreaseDBSize()
    return this.siaqodb.DbInfo.UsedSize > (0.8m * this.siaqodb.DbInfo.MaxSize);

and in your repo, in storing data methods, you could do:

public void StoreObject(Employee  employee)
    if (this.ShouldIncreaseDBSize())
        var storagePath = this.siaqodb.DbInfo.Path;

And the engine will automatically increase with the amount set in SiaqodbConfigurator.AutoGrowthSize.

Note that this sort of check is only needed if you are concerned with hitting the limit of your database size in a continiously running application and cannot calculate a proper starting size (or data ceiling) for your database.

Note: New feature planned for Property to automatically check size and close/re-open for you automatically. This will alter performance so will be disabled by default.