A Bucket is a collection of Documents; it is similar with a table in relational databases. Those buckets are stored in Siaqodb's DocumentSore. To use Siaqodb as Document database,firstly import following namespaces:

using Sqo;
using Sqo.Documents;

Then, to get a reference to DocumentStore you will have to call:

Siaqodb siaqodb=new Siaqodb("yourDB");
DocumentStore documentStore = siaqodb.Documents;

Now, having the DocumentStore available, you can get a Bucket instance by:

var bucket=documentStore.GetBucket("contacts");

Or simpler:

var bucket = siaqodb.Documents["contacts"];

Note:Buckets are automatically created, so you don't have to create a bucket explicitly. In the above example, "contacts" bucket is created automatically.

You can drop/delete a bucket(together with its Documents) by calling: