Siaqodb Sync Framework provider allows you to synchronize a client Siaqodb database with a MSSQL database. Please note that this sync method is no longer actively supported, however the methods are provided for you in case you desire to use them.

Getting Started

Siaqodb Sync Framework tools can be downloaded from our site here. Download and extract this zip file and start in with the readme.

  • 1) Install Microsoft sync Framework 2.1 SDK. Be sure you install the correct 32 or 64-bit binaries depending on what your IIS is using.
  • 2) Run instlistdb.sql you will find in /MicrosoftSyncFrameworkToolkit/config/ folder.
  • 3) Provision your database using /MicrosoftSyncFrameworkToolkit/SyncSvcUtil/SyncSvcUtilUI.exe
  • 4) Open the Server Code: /Samples/SyncDemoSolution.sln
  • 5) In the ListService project, Edit file DefaultScopeSyncService.svc.cs and change connectionString to just installed and provisioned database.
  • 6) Run the web service. Note, you may need to install full IIS in order to allow connections to your new service. To debug, be sure you enable connections from clients to your IIS or IIS Express install.
  • 7) Open a client sample ; e.g. any of the projects ListClientXX. Change the connection string to the web service, and then just press "Sync".


using Sqo;
using SiaqodbSyncProvider;
SiaqodbOffline siaqodbOffline = new SiaqodbOffline(objPath, new Uri(""));
siaqodbOffline.SyncProvider.CacheController.ControllerBehavior.SerializationFormat = Microsoft.Synchronization.ClientServices.SerializationFormat.ODataJSON;
siaqodbOffline.SyncProgress += new EventHandler<SyncProgressEventArgs>(siaqodbOffline_SyncProgress);
siaqodbOffline.SyncCompleted += new EventHandler<SyncCompletedEventArgs>(siaqodbOffline_SyncCompleted);

// alter 'MyType'
siaqodbOffline.StoreObject(new MyType() { x = 1 });

void siaqodbOffline_SyncCompleted(object sender, SyncCompletedEventArgs e)
    Log("Sync Completed!");

void siaqodbOffline_SyncProgress(object sender, SyncProgressEventArgs e)