Siaqodb Cloud now has official support for the Azure Storage through the Open Source AzureTable.LiteClient package.

First, download a copy of Siaqodb which includes the Siaqodb Cloud package to get started with this new feature.

Any Bucket from Siaqodb can be synchronized via SiaqodbCloud only if the bucket is marked as Sync-able. To mark it, you will have to call:

 Sqo.SiaqodbConfigurator.SetSyncableBucket("invoices", true);

To start sync-ing buckets, you will have to reference SiaqodbCloud.dll assembly which can be found inside the Siaqodb package. After you add the reference, create a SiaqodbSync instance by providing the AzureTable.LiteClient object to the SiaqodbSync object.


using SiaqodbCloud;
using Dotissi.AzureTable.LiteClient;
AzureTableClient tableClient = new AzureTableClient("yourAccountName", "yourAccountKey");
AzureTable table = tableClient.GetTableReference("people");
SiaqodbSync syncContext = new SiaqodbSync(table);

All of the the built in synchronization features of Siaqodb Cloud are all documented here:

We are planning on adding other synchronization features to Siqaodb Cloud in the future; your ideas are always welcome!

Please feel free send a message to with your needs or thoughts on enhancements. Thank you for your support and happy coding!