Are you using MSSQL Sync Framework? You may be interested in the new duplicate record check utility in Siaqodb Manager.

To begin, please download a revised SiaqodbManager program from here:

Then follow these steps:

  • Edit SiaqodbManager.exe.config and put your connection details of your SQL Server: serverName,databasename,user and password. Here is a useful connection string reference.
  • Start SiaqodbManager and connect to your local Siaqodb database (filling encryption etc if needed)
  • Click the DB info button
  • In the opened TabView, go to Tab "Duplicates Info" and you will see all of your tables listed from your database and automatically selected all.
  • Select one or multiple tables from the list and press button "Check for duplicates" .
  • If any duplicates were found, then you will be shown a text file pop-up with information and OIDs to assist you

Also note: A new version of Siaqodb Manager is coming soon in Q1 2018