We just released a new version of SiaqodbManager which extends its capabilities to manage also documents( within the buckets).

This functionality works if your documents are serialized in JSON format, so you can make CRUD operations directly from SiaqodbManager. Now SiaqodbManager has 2 root items in the explorer tree:



If you expand Objects node, you will see (as in previous versions) all objects stored within the database. If you expand Documents, you will see the buckets available in your database and if you double click on a bucket, it will be loaded all documents within that bucket. Example:



On the left list, you will find the ‘keys’ of the documents and if you select an item on that list, on the right side it will be loaded the JSON document which has 3 main nodes: Key, Content and Tags. You can  make CUD(Create, Update, Delete) operations to that document directly there.

Also you can search a document by its Key or you can expand ‘Run a query’ section and write a C# query directly there( see screenshot).

The great thing about queries over documents, is the fact you can run both type of queries:

-using Query class and its methods, example:

var query = new Query();
Query query = new Query();
query.WhereEqual("industry", "IT");
return bucket.Find(query);

-using LINQ, example

return (from Document doc in bucket
    where doc.GetTag<string>("industry") == "IT"
    select doc).ToList();

As noticed, we did not create the instance ‘bucket’, it is already created, so there should be considered two things:

  • ‘bucket’ object is already created and is an object of type Sqo.Documents.Bucket
  • The query must return a IList of documents (IList<Document>)

For more info about queries over JSON documents, take a look on our documentation.

Download Siaqodb Setup now, try it and let us know what do you think.

Happy coding!